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Spotlite India: 2017

Christmas lights are scattered across the stage. Colorful dandiyas are jettisoned into the air. Vibrant silk skirts glisten onstage.

A woman dressed in a traditional cherry-colored Indian shirt sits in the audience, captivated by the two musicians harmonizing on stage. Her hand sways to the gentle music of the flute, her eyes focused on the hand movements of the singer on stage.

These were both highlights and simply parts of an evening of dances, catchy music and vivid costumes at Spotlite India 2017. Click below to see photos from the event.



MVHS Goes Green

In an effort to make Monta Vista a greener campus, facilities manager Chris Kenney explains some changes such as providing water filtering stations, switching from grass to turf and the addition of solar panels over the student parking area.

Behind the scenes: The Yeoman Rises

On Sept. 25, 2016, seniors Neil Palleti and Nikhil Cheerla published a web series detailing a single man kickstarting a revolution by starting a gang of urban farmers in the city, but soon finding himself fighting against a shadowy network of corrupt politicians, gang leaders, hackers and assassins. After posting the story on Facebook, it quickly became viral and news of Yeoman spread throughout MVHS. Most people ridiculed the story and some people jumped on the band wagon by posting a quote from the series on Facebook — “Yeoman: The sickle is mightier than the sword,” meaning that agriculture is more powerful than war, even though it seems unassuming.

In the late fall, the two seniors recruited senior Anish Krishnan to help bring their story to life. Before this school year ends, the three seniors are setting off on a journey to spread awareness about farming through film. Watch the video below for a behind the scenes look of: The Yeoman Rises.


Check out the trailer here:


Check out the web serial here: https://yeomanwebserial.wordpress.com/


Behind the Cube: MVHS Rubik’s Cube Club shares stories about their first Rubik’s experience

The timer goes off and freshman Nitin Subramanian’s fingers become a blur as he fights the clock, trying to solve the Rubik’s cube. Nitin’s hands go in different directions as his mind races, trying to find the next available pattern. It’s competitions like these that encourage him to try to solve the Rubik’s cube faster each time.

“Competing in a competition is astonishing. Meeting kids who have the same passion makes me want to keep practicing. And going back to competitions,” Subramanian said. “That’s why I still keep cubing today.”


These are the moments that Nitin fondly remembers after competing in his first Rubik’s cube competition. Before Rubik’s Cube Club was created, Subramanian and junior Mayank Singamreddy first tried their hand at solving a Rubik’s cube out of their own interest. Watch the video to see them share their stories and watch them solve Rubik’s cubes together.

MV DECA reflects on their past year

As they approach the end of the year, MV DECA explains their future plans for the new members next year and looks back at some of the biggest accomplishments this year. Listen to the podcast to hear DECA officer senior Alekhya Parvathaneni reflect on DECA’s previous year and find out more about DECA’s future plans for the incoming freshman next year.

Cover artists change the lyrics in their songs

Towards the end of her junior year, senior Veda Ashok posted a video of herself on youtube singing Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. Her friends recommended her to sing the song and post it to youtube. After she posted the video, she became thrilled at how many people across the community reacted positively to her singing.

Seniors Veda Ashok and Sahiti Shankar became cover artists through their years at MVHS due to their passion for singing. For these two, singing covers of popular songs gives them the freedom to express themselves and be in control of their music. Check out the video below to see why they make alterations to their music by changing lyrics to create their own piece.